NHL Draft Selections

The Battalion ranks seventh behind the London Knights (69), Flint Firebirds/Plymouth Whalers (53), Guelph Storm (48) Oshawa Generals (47), Windsor Spitfires (47) and Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (46) among Ontario Hockey League teams for having the most players selected in the NHL Draft since 1999. There have been 43 Battalion members selected, including eight players who have dressed for the Battalion in North Bay.

Jeff Bateman Dallas Stars 4th round, 126th overall, in 1999
Brad Woods Florida Panthers 6th round, 169th overall, in 1999

Rostislav Klesla Columbus Blue Jackets 1st round, 4th overall, in 2000
Raffi Torres New York Islanders 1st round, 5th overall, in 2000
Tyler Hanchuck Montreal Canadiens 3rd round, 79th overall, in 2000
Aaron Van Leusen Detroit Red Wings 4th round, 130th overall, in 2000
Paul Flache Edmonton Oilers 5th round, 152nd overall, in 2000
Jason Maleyko Ottawa Senators 6th round, 188th overall, in 2000

Jay McClement St. Louis Blues 2nd round, 57th overall, in 2001
Jay Harrison Toronto Maple Leafs 3rd round, 82nd overall, in 2001
Ryan Bowness Columbus Blue Jackets 8th round, 236th overall, in 2001

Adam Henrich Tampa Bay Lightning 2nd round, 60th overall, in 2002
Paul Flache Atlanta Thrashers 5th round, 144th overall, in 2002
Brad Topping New York Islanders 7th round, 220th overall, in 2002

Brent Burns Minnesota Wild 1st round, 20th overall, in 2003
Kamil Kreps Florida Panthers 2nd round, 38th overall, in 2003
Martin Lojek Florida Panthers 4th round, 105th overall, in 2003
Ryan Oulahen Detroit Red Wings 5th round, 161st overall, in 2003

Wojtek Wolski Colorado Avalanche 1st round, 21st overall, in 2004
Michael Vernace San Jose Sharks 7th round, 201st overall, in 2004

Phil Oreskovic Toronto Maple Leafs 3rd round, 82nd overall, in 2005
Daren Machesney Washington Capitals 5th round, 143rd overall, in 2005
Luch Aquino New York Islanders 7th round, 210th overall, in 2005
John Seymour Los Angeles Kings 7th round, 226th overall, in 2005

John de Gray Anaheim Ducks 3rd round, 83rd overall, in 2006
Aaron Snow Dallas Stars 3rd round, 90th overall, in 2006
Luke Lynes Washington Capitals 4th round, 122th overall, in 2006
Bryan Pitton Edmonton Oilers 5th round, 133rd overall, in 2006

Cody Hodgson Vancouver Canucks 1st round, 10th overall, in 2008
Kyle DeCoste Tampa Bay Lightning 5th round, 147th overall, in 2008
Patrick Killeen Pittsburgh Penguins 6th round, 180th overall, in 2008

Matt Duchene Colorado Avalanche 1st round, 3rd overall, in 2009
Matt Clark Anaheim Ducks 2nd round, 37th overall, in 2009

Philip Lane Phoenix Coyotes 2nd round, 52nd overall, in 2010
Sam Carrick Toronto Maple Leafs 5th round, 144th overall, in 2010

Dylan Blujus Tampa Bay Lightning 2nd round, 40th overall, in 2012

Nick Paul Dallas Stars 4th round, 101st overall, in 2013

Kyle Wood Colorado Avalanche 3rd round, 84th overall, in 2014
Mike Amadio Los Angeles Kings 3rd round, 90th overall, in 2014

Riley Bruce Calgary Flames 7th round, 196th overall, in 2015

Cam Dineen Arizona Coyotes 3rd round, 68th overall, in 2016
Mark Shoemaker San Jose Sharks 6th round, 180th overall, in 2016
Brett McKenzie Vancouver Canucks 7th round, 194th overall, in 2016